Cordes sur Ciel

Walk up the steep cobbled lanes to Cordes.

From the high of the medieval city you will look down upon the world and its history.

cordes village percheHigh up

As you draw near Cordes on the road, you get a glimpse of Cordes high up on its rock, but you will have to use your feet to climb up there. As you ascend, you travel back into medieval times: porches, battlements, sculpted façades and hidden corners. The wealthy traders’ XIIIth century mansions are splendid gothic buildings. The façades of the Grand Ecuyer or of the Grand Veneur take you back then and there. You are back to the Middle Ages.


The lanes up to the city are bordered with art galleries and craft workshops: artists and craftsmen first came to have a look and they never left. Painters, writers, ceramists, sculptors or jewellers settled in this inspiring place. The house of the Grand Fauconnier hosts the modern and contemporary, art museum, a successful association of heritage and creation. On misty mornings, Cordes sur ciel truly floats over the sky and deserves its name.

fêtes du grand fauconnierSmall delights…

Don’t miss the famous “croquants aux amandes”, those delicious cookies baked with sugar, egg whites and grilled almonds. A succulent taste to be enjoyed to your heart’s content. Do also try the products from the Sugar museum that will melt in and delight your taste buds.

… a glimpse of heaven

There is more to Cordes than merely old stones. Round the corner, you will come across a little piece of heaven. A garden clinging to the village, with plenty of surprising botanical varieties… A green and delicate break.